Professional Bucket List

I believe ambition, initiative and self-motivation are essential to both personal and career growth. These are just a few professional goals I someday hope to accomplish:

1).   Obtain my APR accreditation – Taking part in the post-graduate certification program furthers my education and provides me with proof in demonstrated knowledge, competencies and skills required to practice PR today. 

2).   Mentor – Receiving advice, guidance and direction from those who have walked in my shoes from experiencing the trials of finding their first job after graduating to finding the right career path, has helped me get where I am today. Someday I hope to give advice and guidance to individuals also going through what I once went through.  

3).   Win an Aurora AwardReceiving recognition for industry work produced is a milestone in any professional career. I received second place in the “External Publications” category for the “Tatitlek Times” shareholder newsletter at the 2012 PRSA Alaska Chapter Aurora Awards of Excellence.

4).   Guest post for prominent blog – Reading PRSA’s Issues and Trends daily e-mail compilation has become a morning ritual before work. Someday I would like to be featured in the line-up for newsworthy industry opinion and insight.

5).   Attend a PRSA Conference – What an exciting opportunity it is to travel and attend a conference featuring individuals who are all as interested and engaged in your profession as you are. In addition to the networking and education opportunities the national PRSA conference provides. 

6).   Guest Speak at a PRSA Meeting – Someday I hope to share my industry
expertise and experiences with members of my local chapter.

7).   Hold a PRSA board positionHaving attended PRSA luncheons since a junior in college, I have come to fully appreciate what valuable information and educational opportunities PRSA membership offers. Someday I would like to help shape and contribute what PRSA offers. I was recently elected for a two-year term on the PRSA Alaska Chapter Board of Directors.

8).   Be called by NPR requesting expertise – Though I grew up with my parents listening to NPR for nearly as long as I can remember, I never fully appreciated the station until entering into a profession in the communications field. NPR Business News is on every morning during my morning commute.

9).   Guest Speak at my Alma Mater – Brown bag luncheons were a common form of extra credit during my education with the UAA Journalism and Public Communications Department. Though extra credit was the initial incentive, I gained much valuable insight and information from local industry experts regarding the communications industry as a wholes. Someday, I would like to share my expertise with students. 

10). Read the AP Style Book – Despite what field of communications one is in, chances are writing plays an important role. Sharpening editing/grammar is a must!

“Some people wish it would happen, some want it to happen, others make it happen.” -Unknown

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